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PRESS RELEASE: Blair Avenue reconstruction project contractor Mike Carlson Enterprises finished the second and final lift of asphalt on the southern portion of the street in Friday Harbor.

Learn about Flying Squirrels at the SJI Library October 29

If you see a small dark shape speed between the trees at night in San Juan County, chances are that it is a bat. But on much of San Juan Island, especially in winter, it’s more likely that you have encountered the county’s most charming and rarest small mammal: a Northern Flying Squirrel.

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Lopez beats Clallam Bay

Lopez Island High School football team beat Clallam Bay 56 to 0 on Saturday, October 11.

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Wolverines beat Orcas 30-6

The second Orcas Island High School vs Friday Harbor High School  for this season was won by the Wolverines 31-6. The Vikings hosted the game on Orcas Island on Saturday, October 11. Each team will play  other teams in the league two times this season. 

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