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First draft of solid waste plan online (story updated)

Adoption of an updated Solid Waste Plan is one of the items on the county's to-do list before it switches over from a primarily self-hauled system to a primarily roadside pickup system. In a revision to its original press release, the county added the word primarily to roadside (formerly known as curbside) pickup to "indicate  the self-haul option is not being written off in developing the new system".  The Department of Ecology must approve a revised county Solid and Hazardous Waste plan that accommodates the new system.

A draft of the first seven chapters of the plan was presented to the Solid Waste Advisory Committee by the Public Works solid waste team on December 1.

The project timeline calls for public inspection of the plan in early February, adoption by the Council in early May and approval by DOE in mid-July. There will be opportunities for public review and comment several times during the process.

The first seven chapters address legal requirements and the County's solid waste operations: Collection, Transfer, and Disposal of waste.

Another chapter deals with waste reduction and recycling. The remaining three chapters of the plan are scheduled to be completed by February 7, 2012.

Those chapters may be added to the preliminary public review draft sooner, as work on each is completed.

The preliminary draft presented to the Solid Waste Committee is now available online and at County Libraries.

Questions and comments about this preliminary draft should be addressed to Elizabeth Anderson, AICP, Solid Waste Planner. Email: elizabetha@sjcpublicworks.org phone 360-370-0531 Mail: P. O. Box 729, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Anderson welcomes comments on the preliminary review draft. Formal public comment will be accepted during the review period after the complete draft is available. The County Council is scheduled to hold its first public workshop on the revisions to the county’s solid waste plan in March.

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