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Sam Banry died on Christmas Eve

Our beloved Samuel Bryan Banry passed away this last Christmas Eve, December 24, 2022 at age 31. Sam was born March 25, 1991 and was an integral and cherished part of his family. Born to parents, Deanna and Gordon Banry, he is also survived by them and his brothers Britt (35), Clayton (34), and sister Lindsey (30) and his brother-in-law Gavin (27).

In an effort to be authentic in this obituary, there were really only a few people who sincerely knew Sammy as his bonds were few but deep. One of his deepest bonds was with his kindred soul and brother, Clayton Banry, to which he shared all of his days with.

Our Sam was incredibly compassionate and insightful. Many relied on his ability to listen and internalize others lives with a genuine response full of wisdom. Sammy was also just funny, often hitting a casual conversation with a clever remark that toed the line of inappropriate. Sam spent his days playing video games, enjoying the company of his dog’s Bertie and his new puppy Olive, admiring and playing with his two nieces Ellie and Mia and nephews Atlas and Wilder and sharing his daily friendship with his Mom, Dad and Brother, Clayton. Sam volunteered weekly at the Animal Shelter and had a college degree in Animal Massage.

Sam will be deeply missed by all who had the opportunity to know him. We will miss the sound of his wheelchair coming out of his room each morning, the sound of his laugh as he reminisced with his father, the way he carried around an action figure without much sense of purpose, and the way he let his auburn colored facial hair become unruly. We will even miss his desperate attempts to get off the phone with anyone except Cole Howard, his life-long best friend. Take comfort knowing he is pain free and probably smashing a vanilla coke up in heaven.

Please join us; Tuesday, January 17th, 3pm at San Juan Brewing Company for a public celebration of Sammy’s life. Cheers to you all.


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