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Donald "Don" Galt 1935-2024

Donald "Don" Galt, a pillar of strength and service in the San Juan community, passed away peacefully on July 1st at the age of 88. Known for his boundless dedication and unwavering commitment to improving the lives of others, Don leaves behind a legacy of profound impact and selfless service.

Born in 1935 to Albert and Norma Galt, Don grew up embodying the values of hard work and community spirit. His remarkable journey of service began early, and throughout his life, Don's actions spoke louder than words, shaping the fabric of his beloved San Juan community.

Don was a driving force behind numerous initiatives that enriched the lives of countless individuals. In 1982, he founded the Friday Harbor Athletic Association “TIGERS” , fostering youth development through community sports activities. 


A cornerstone of Don's legacy was his instrumental role in the development of the John Linde Fields, fulfilling a longstanding community need for sports facilities. With tireless determination, Don rallied local support, volunteers and resources, transforming promises into reality. His efforts culminated in the construction of multiple sports fields, enhancing recreational opportunities for generations to come.

Don's contributions extended far beyond infrastructure. He championed causes close to his heart, including support for the Senior Center and advocacy for the visually impaired through Lions fundraising initiatives. His altruism earned him recognition as the Journal of the San Juans' 'Citizen of the Year' in both 1996 and 2006, accolades that underscored his profound impact on the community.

A devoted family man, Don cherished his 65-year marriage to his "Wonderful Lady," Donna, and took immense pride in their children. His family was the bedrock of his life, providing unwavering support as he dedicated himself to serving others.

In addition to his community endeavors, Don was an active member of the Lions Club and Masonic Lodge, where his leadership and compassion shone brightly. Whether delivering food baskets to those in need or bringing joy through his piano playing skills at the Islands Convalescent Center, Don's generosity touched lives in profound ways. In 2008 Don received the Melvin Jones Award from Lions; these awards are given to express thanks for what someone does for their community and for their unusual and unselfish amount of time expended on community projects.

Don Galt's passing leaves a void in the San Juan community, but his spirit of selflessness and his legacy of service will continue to inspire. He leaves behind a community transformed by his vision, a testament to the power of one individual's dedication to making a difference.

Don is survived by his loving wife, Donna, his children Kelly, Sandra and Donny, grandchildren Brent, Cassie, Jesse, Donald and Allie, and a community that will forever be grateful for his remarkable life of service. "Actions speak louder than words," and Don Galt's actions spoke volumes of his deep commitment to others. His legacy will live on in the hearts and memories of all who had the privilege of knowing him.

Rest in peace, Don. You have truly left the world a better place.

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