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Horoscope By Triana J. Elan May 23 - 29, 2022 A Week of Caution: Venus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn; Mars Enters Aries and Conjoins Jupiter; Venus Enters Taurus on Sunday

  • Written by Triana Elan

This week packs a punch if we’re not paying attention. Mars enters his own sign of Aries on Wednesday and pairs up with Jupiter. I see this acting out on the world stage in two ways: an escalation of widespread violence as well as a further spread of CoVid (Mars rules infections and Jupiter rules expansion). For a broader view, Mars is energetic, aggressive, self-centered and proactive. Jupiter is benevolent, expansive and indiscriminate. The energy of this pairing can go in several different directions for individuals but given the climate of the world now, my best guess stands as to an escalation of the situation in Ukraine and the further spread of CoVid due to our own relaxed behavior giving it an opportunity to propagate and thrive.

We also have a situation with Venus in the late degrees of Aries in conflict with Pluto in Capricorn; this is an alignment that can wreak havoc in relationships and create a sense of neediness. It is a transformative alignment that can slap us in the face and have a transformative effect through our interactions with others. This can be a good thing, ultimately, even if delivered in a manner that doesn’t feel good. On the global scale, it doesn’t look so good coupled with the Mars/Jupiter conjunction. There should be a lot of news this week that we really don’t want to see.

Best advice this week is keep the schedule light, pay attention to surroundings, tread lightly and mindfully and practice kindness when possible. Venus will enter her own sign Taurus on Sunday and begin to bring stability for next week, but we have to get through this week first. Blessings to all.

Keep looking up, stay healthy, and…

Keep looking after each other!

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Aries (March 21- April 19): Venus in the late degrees of your sign is in an antagonistic angle to Pluto in Capricorn. This may cause you to feel somewhat needy, or you could become fascinated by someone you admire in such a way that it distracts you in detrimental fashion. Venus will move into Taurus (your sector of Finances/Resources) on Sunday and you’ll be able to recover any losses starting then. In the meantime, your Ruler Mars enters your sign on Wednesday and pairs up with expansive Jupiter. This really boosts you so make sure it is in a positive manner; these transits are very powerful and will tempt you to put self above all else which is fine in some circumstances. If you’re in a situation of competition, prepare to win!


Taurus (April 20 – May 20):  Mars enters Aries (your sector of Endings/New Beginnings) on Wednesday and conjoins Jupiter. This is a powerful alignment and if you’re beginning something, look for a fast launch. If something has come to an end, it will be just as swift and total. This alignment will also mess with your psyche, stirring up the silt and freeing the creative and intuitive processes that are normally dormant. Your Ruler Venus is currently in a difficult alignment to Pluto and this throws a wrench in the works by casting doubt on your abilities; you may take a hit in self-esteem and need encouragement. On Sunday Venus moves into your sign and you will feel the immediate relief and be able to regroup. It may be a weird week for you.  


Gemini (May 21-June 20):  This week my knock you off the rails a bit, so be careful! On Wednesday, Mars enters Aries and conjoins Jupiter in your sector of Friends/Goals. This may bring about conflict or an argument that gets blown out of proportion and spreads quickly. Watch yourself. All week long, Venus is in conflict with Pluto in that same sector, so this is like a one-two punch and a time of reckoning for you. Superficiality will take a back seat as the demand for a real heart to heart becomes necessary. On Sunday, Venus moves into Taurus, your sector of Endings/New Beginnings. Retrograde Mercury is also there but Venus will help you with a stabilizing influence.


Cancer (June 21 – July 22): This is a powerful week, so don’t mess with it! Wednesday sees Mars enter Aries (your sector of Career/Social Life) and form a conjunction with expansive Jupiter. This could see you pitted in competition of some form and with this alignment your own aggression comes to the surface. Venus, in the meantime, is ending her tour of Aries (same sector) and is in a difficult alignment to Pluto, possibly shooting down your self-esteem and creating neediness and fear. You may need a lot of encouragement now if you’re feeling threatened in any way. Thankfully, Venus enters stable Taurus on Sunday (your sector of Friends/Goals), giving you a chance to rally your forces and refill your tanks.


Leo (July 23 – August 22):  This is a powerful week that needs to be treated with respect; Mars enters your companion fire sign Aries on Wednesday and conjoins Jupiter; this conjunction is like an explosion of energy and occurs in your sector of Expansion/Travel/Spirituality. You may be powerfully drawn to alternate ways of thinking and viewing the world now. In the meantime, Venus is in conflict with Pluto all week in your sector of Career/Social Life; since this occurs at the top of your chart, it appears that the world encroaches on you in some way and perhaps makes you buckle inwardly. Fortunately, Venus moves into Taurus on Sunday and gives you something to hang onto in terms of stability. It may be rather rough week, so keep your schedule light.


Virgo (August 23 – September 21): A powerful week that could work against you if you aren’t ready for it…Mars moves into his own sign Aries on Wednesday and conjoins expansive Jupiter, setting up a potentially explosive situation in your sector of Partnership. If you’ve been in conflict, things could come to a head now. Coupled with this is Venus in conflict with Pluto in your sector of Expansion; this could deliver a blow to your self-esteem if you’re involved in the arts and trying to pitch your wares now, or looking for inspiration. Fortunately, Venus moves into stable and arts oriented Taurus (your sector of Expansion) on Sunday. Don’t let the week get you down, it’s just a rough patch, so don’t demand too much of yourself and you’ll get through it just fine.


Libra (September 22 – October 23): This week looks to be demanding and somewhat disturbing, especially if you overschedule yourself (so don’t). Mars moves into his own sign of Aries (your sector of Relationships) on Wednesday and immediately conjoins expansive Jupiter; this can go two ways, either explosive passion and romance or explosive arguments and power struggles. Tread lightly. All week long, Venus is in conflict with stealthy Pluto in that same sector; on Sunday, Venus moves into your sector of Partnership and provides a more stable and cooperative atmosphere. Even if you live alone and are unattached, the week is likely to be challenging due to internal processes.


Scorpio (October 24- November 22): This is a powerful week and not one to poke with a stick! Mars moves into Aries (his own sign) on Wednesday and conjoins expansive Jupiter in your sector of Work/Health. This could precipitate a visit to the ER or a visit from CoVid if you’re not careful, or conflict in the work place. This alignment is coupled with Venus in Aries in conflict with Pluto in Capricorn; this is even more insidious because of Pluto being involved and could undermine your self-esteem, causing you to withdraw in a manner that alienates others who could help you. The internal processes of this week may be pretty darned intense. Fortunately, Venus moves into Taurus on Sunday, ending the conflict and bringing a stabilizing force to your sector of Relationships.


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 20): This week holds some danger if you’re not careful, so don’t get distracted and move too fast. Mars enters your companion fire sign Aries on Wednesday and conjoins your Ruler Jupiter; this could have the effect of your jumping headlong into something that’s above your head. I say this because this alignment is coupled with Venus in Aries being in conflict with Pluto and this indicates that you may want to please someone due to a lack of self-esteem and a need for praise. If you’ve been hard on yourself, stop that first. Proceed with caution this week because you may also be accident prone. On Sunday Venus enters stable Taurus (her own sign) and gives you solid ground in your sector of Health/Work. Keep your schedule light this week and focus on yourself in a positive way.


Capricorn (December 21 – January 20):  This could be a rough week due to Mars moving into Aries and conjoining Jupiter in your sector of Home; there could be an incident involving family that is upsetting or involving a sudden change. This is coupled with Venus in the same sector being in conflict with Pluto in your sign; internal processes can run deep and confused now due to this influence and there will be no easy answers. Emotionally demanding, is this week. Do try to keep your schedule light, back off from trying to control things and do listen carefully so as to glean real meaning behind what is being said. On Sunday, Venus moves to her own sign of Taurus, bringing stability to your sector of Creative Expression/Children.


Aquarius (January 21 - February 20):  This week may be a whopper, so tread lightly; Mars moves into Aries (your sector of Thinking/Communication) and conjoins Jupiter. This pairing can bring about a wild need to blab or perhaps a headache from too much information getting stuffed into your head all at once. Couple this with Venus in Aries in conflict with Pluto putting the kibosh on something important and the resulting blow to your self-esteem and you may have a difficult time maneuvering through the week. Best advice is to keep your schedule light, be self-reliant and don’t forget the magic! Venus will enter Taurus (her own sign) on Sunday and bring order to your home life.


Pisces (February 21 – March 20): This may be a week of misunderstandings, mistakes and just plain unpleasant events; Mars enters Aries and immediately conjoins Jupiter in your Financial sector which is actually good news unless you’re on the owing side of things. You could be in for a windfall. What’s not so good is Venus in Aries in conflict with Pluto all week; this could put strain on friendships and any goals you may have. Your own internal processes around what you’re involved in govern which way things will go for you s you will have little external control this week. Best to lay low and play it as it lays. Venus will enter stable Taurus on Sunday and bring solidity to your thought processes, but until then, keep your schedule as light as possible and avoid drama.

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