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Janet Thomas

Turf Times

Standing on one side of the fence and looking into the football field as it filled up with middle-school and high-school students was heart-wrenching. I had to keep myself from sobbing out loud. It was an…
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Welcome to Salish Sea World

I recently attended the Economic Developmental Council luncheon and was thoroughly informed about the global/local impacts of freshwater scarcity by policymaker Rachel Cardone and about the environmental imperative of our regional saltwater industry by maritime expert…
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Love Them for Real. Not for Profit

The latest news headlines: A dead baby orca. A grieving mother orca. A pursuing public. Why do we even see photographs in the media of yet another tragedy befalling the endangered Southern Resident orca whales?

Fair Thee Well

Earlier this month I attended the Governor’s SRKW Task Force meeting in Wenatchee. This past week I was at the Orca Relief booth at the San Juan County Fair. Hands down, the county fair was far…
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