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Metta Musings: “Processing the Pandemic” Inner Journey Collage© Workshop

The scourge of COVID-19 has upended our lives as the most horrific pandemic since 1918. While vaccines provide hope for eventually defeating the virus, parts of our world community continue to experience catastrophic losses and despair.

The suffering endured (and still being endured) from this coronavirus, whether in our families, communities, across our country or planet, has reached the deepest levels of loss. Yet, amidst all that pain, blessings have also amazingly surfaced; the best in humanity has revealed itself, as have opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been envisioned or realized.

How do we process all this ongoing loss and simultaneously celebrate the blessings? What can be learned from all of what this pandemic has presented? That’s what the upcoming Inner Journey Collage© (IJC) Virtual Workshop, “Processing the Pandemic: Sorrows, Blessings, Lessons,” is all about: Looking squarely and deeply at the full scope of the pandemic on our lives--both the pain and the gifts—and using therapeutic collage to discover the lessons and meaning this extraordinary time in history holds for us.

Collage isn’t just a fun activity or a way of cleverly recycling old magazines and greeting cards. Collage can be one form of art therapy that heals! In 2012, inspired by that research, I created Inner Journey Collage© (IJC) for women. Since then, IJC workshops have been held at multiple island venues; some “IJCollagers” have also participated in “IJC Private Parties©” (where a hostess invites a handful of girlfriends to explore a topic of choice together in the privacy of her home). Over the years, over a dozen themes have included “Maternal Spirit,” “Taming Your Inner Critic,” “Igniting Your Inner Light,” “I am Enough”... As the pandemic initially started to surge last June 2020, the first virtual IJC workshop, “Cultivating Resilience,” helped island women tap inner wisdom and rediscover resources that supported their ability to bounce back after adversity.

What have we learned over this past year about family, community, loneliness, touch of all kinds… trust, division, human frailty, corruption and altruism? What have we discovered about the best and worst in ourselves? Exploring the choices that will help minimize the suffering and welcome the goodness and healing… this is the intention of the upcoming virtual IJC “Processing the Pandemic…” Workshop.

Ladies, if this topic resonates, please carefully read the attached flyer and register ASAP, as only 12 spaces are available for this all-day workshop. Instead of an all-dayer watching sports games or receiving socially-distanced spa services, I invite you to consider the truth that we must feel in order to heal. This workshop with other like-spirited women could represent a satisfying, creative, illuminating and even fun way of doing just that.

My best,

Deb (Langhans)


Deb Langhans has worked in the wellness field as a coach/counselor, writer & speaker for over 25 years. She currently owns & operates Journeys to Healing on San Juan Island where she offers "wholistic" life coaching, mindfulness & grief recovery coaching, reflexology, Inner Journey Collage© & a developing line of products designed to encourage healthy habits.

Most services are available in Deb's studio or via phone or Zoom. For more information or scheduling, please go to www.journeystohealing.com (website). bethechange5@rockisland.com (email), or 360.317.4526 (texts preferred).

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