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UPDATE: OPALCO restores power to 20 islands in the San Juans after 19-hour outage

The power went out in the San Juan Islands about 1 a.m. Wednesday, January 13 and was restored about 19 hours later. HIgh winds knocked out power on the mainland meaning Orcas Power and Light didn't receive energy from Puget Sound Energy via the submarine cable. Approximately half a million people were without electricity  during the outage. 

The Beaverton Valley rock was painted a few weeks ago, but its message resonated yesterday. John Stimpson photo

While waiting for PGE to restore power. OPALCO crews made repairs to insulators on Shaw Island and removed downed trees from lines on Decatur and Lopez islands. They finished by about 12 noon. 

OPALCO started restoring power in phases about 7:30 p.m. Crews checked equipment and made sure everything came back on and was running safely.


Orcas Power and Light (OPALCO) has an outages page https://www.opalco.com/outages.  

This one https://poweroutage.us/https://poweroutage.us/  shows outages by state.