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Editorial: Behind the scenes

  • Written by Sharon Kivisto

Why did I write and post the article "Moped rider crashes into ditch as San Juan Fire Engine makes unsafe pass." Because it is true, accurate and an example of recent questionable behavior by San Juan Island Fire & Rescue Department  that the taxpayers deserve to be aware of.

Last month, I wrote and posted "San Juan Island Fire District kept mum on damage to Sheriff's boat Sentinel." Both articles are backed up by written evidence and interviews. 

Why don't I include many names in the articles? Because the amount of vitriol that would be aimed at people is not something anyone should have to put up with. Most people are unwilling to go on record because of the reactions of some of the population. 

There likely will be more articles coming. When a public agency is careless with expensive county-owned equipment and with public safety, the public should be made aware. What people decide to do, if anything, is up to them.