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Guest Column: San Juan County Sheriff Ron Krebs has concerns about "police reform" laws

As of 12:01 am on July 26, 2021, the State of Washington enacted a group of laws aimed at “police reform”. These laws are aimed at enhancing accountability, training, and transparency among law enforcement, however, what these new laws will do is significantly affect our ability to detect and prevent crime and apprehend those who have committed criminal acts.

While we embrace change and are always working towards providing better community-oriented service, these laws will change the way law enforcement looks statewide as well as in San Juan County.

An islander shares his observations about what the foxes need

I live south of American Camp, so I pass through the park from time to time. I feel compelled to post my opinion because what I am seeing here really bothers me and I know I am not alone among islanders.

Read to the end of this article to learn the story behind this photo by Kyle Kittoe

I am in no way opposed island visitors and understand their importance to the local economy. However, I also love the beauty and serenity of this place and care deeply about our non human inhabitants, native and introduced.

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Capital Improvements: Friday Harbor’s Largest Commitment

Year after year, the services and responsibilities undertaken by the Town of Friday Harbor grow as population and business activity increase. Beyond daily town operations that include administration, finance, and community development, our most expensive and complex duties involve the construction, reconstruction, and improvements related to our capital infrastructure. These costs are vast, and our needs never ending. The Town has finite revenues from which to work, and therefore must prioritize, save, and battle for dwindling grants from state and federal sources. The current cost estimate for capital projects needed in the next 8 years exceeds $40,000,000.

File photo: Installation of round-about

Guest Column by Clayton Banry: Making Transportation Accessible

My name is Clayton Banry, I grew up in San Juan, I'm 32 and I've been in a wheelchair since I was eighteen because of a disorder called Mucolipidosis Type 3. It's a rare, slowly progressive disorder that affects many parts of my body. Signs and symptoms of this condition are typically diagnosed around age 3. It has meant I grow slowly and have short stature. I can also have stiff joints and a dysostosis multiplex. Even with these challenges I’m committed to directing my life towards being of service to my community.

NAS Whidbey: Navy remains committed to environmental stewardship; conducts critical training in Pacific Northwest

Numerous area media outlets, including The Seattle Times, published stories, which cited studies that have raised questions about whether Navy jet noise affects Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) and the soundscape of the Olympic Peninsula. We disagree with some scientific methodologies and conclusions researchers made in these studies.

One study states noise from Growlers disturbs SRKW contributing to their harm from collective pressures. Researchers recorded the sound of takeoffs at the airfield in the water directly adjacent to the runway, with our collaboration.

We Can Do Better on Salmon Discussion

In a November 9 op-ed, Sharon Grace and Chris Pinney suggested that my organization was peddling “disinformation” about the effect of the lower Snake River dams on salmon populations. They also stated their belief that our press statement highlighting a study on ocean conditions was “disingenuous.” Lastly, they called the study, itself, “pro-dam propaganda.” 

Guest Column: Thoughts about pandemic's impact on local restaurants and suppliers

As I listen to the rain bounce off my sky light and feel the fall chill settle in the air, I know that the days of outdoor dining for me and my restaurant industry colleagues are quickly coming to an end. What will the dining scene look like in the San Juan Islands this spring if restaurants are not able to increase indoor dining capacity this fall and winter? The grim reality is that many will not make it through winter.  

Guest Column by Denny Kaill: Time Travel

The Covid-19 virus has caused considerable world-wide economic and physical suffering, if not death, with the end nowhere in sight. But curiously, during the initial stages when populations were directed to shelter in place, surprising contrasts became evident; as the result of reduced traffic, satellite pictures from space showed polluted cities worldwide with clearing air.

GUEST COLUMN: Using the FAA as a model for a new law enforcement agency is something we should all support for police reform

I write regarding the current discussion/review of our law enforcement programs, including training, certification and accountability. It certainly appears that our U.S. Senate and House are not on the same page. I suggest a platform upon which Joint Consolidation might flow easier.

(Editor's note: Dan Vician is a San Juan Island resident and Retired Commercial/Air Force Pilot)

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