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San Juan Islands Museum of Art thanks the Community Foundation

  • Written by  Board of Trustees of the San Juan Islands Museum of Art

Hooray, for the San Juan Island Community Foundation!

The San Juan Islands Museum of Art (SJIMA) would like to thank the staff, volunteers, members, and donors of the SJICF for all their support and good works from March 2020 to now.

All of us suffered in some way during the pandemic and the teams at the SJICF jumped into action to help our community. What would the quality of life on the island look like when this crisis passed? The answer to that question was an important consideration in their deliberations. They knew well that the arts educate, entertain, enliven, and engage our residents, students, and artists. The SJICF supported and valued the nonprofits in the arts and their contributions. Thank you, SJICF.

Thank you especially, for your generosity in remembering SJIMA in your giving. The SJICF and the Women’s Fund made the Family Art Days’ Take-home Survival Packs possible for all for free.

While families and children were home-bound the FAD packs contained interesting and clever projects, as well as instructions and materials for family fun and learning.

The benefactors give from the heart not for acclaim and, often, we in the community do not know whom to thank for projects and opportunities. On behalf of SJIMA and all the families who benefited in these last months-Thank you San Juan Island Community Foundation.

The Board of Trustees of the San Juan Islands Museum of Art