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Brennan: Kudos to women

  • Written by Leslie Brennan

Fifty years ago when I was in High School, I was only allowed to take a “home making class” to learn how to sew and cook (I do neither very well). All the shop classes, which I wanted to take (metal, auto, and wood), were only offered to the guys. Times have changed and women have more opportunities today.

When I moved to Friday Harbor, 35 years ago, it was a different place than it is today. I remember the term “good old boy” was used a lot back then. There were less than a handful of females who managed their way past the “good old boy” way of life.

The Town of Friday Harbor had a Municipal Court back then and Attorney Carla Higginson was the Judge, long time islander Edith Dickinson was the first woman on the Town Council and I enforced parking (the most thankless job I’ve ever had), as a Reserve Sheriff’s Deputy.

Things have definitely changed, as jobs that were once only open to men are now being held by more women. In San Juan County we now have: Superior Court Judge Kathryn Loring; District Court Judge Carolyn Jewett, Superior Court Clerk Lisa Hendersen, Auditor F. Milene Henley, Treasurer Rhonda Pederson and the Town of Friday Harbor Administrator Denise Kulseth. That’s pretty amazing to me and should be pretty inspiring to all the young girls planning for their future.

So congratulations to all the women who have taken the opportunities available today and for inspiring young girls to not limit themselves to just cooking and sewing and pursuing jobs and other aspirations that are now open to both men and women.

Leslie Brennan