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Brennan: Courtroom camera manipulation by Sheriff Krebs was abuse of power

One of many reasons I believe you should be voting for Eric Peter for Sheriff. In 2019, there was a serious assault and trespass case being held in District Court, involving a person threatening to use a knife on a Lopez resident. During this trial, the Superior Court Judge was in her office and noticed unusual camera movements on her monitor, coming from the District courtroom cameras. She immediately had them notified. It was discovered that one of the courtroom cameras was being manipulated and was focusing in on the Defense Attorney’s private documents and a juror’s notes.

It was discovered that Sheriff Krebs was the person controlling the camera, while sitting in dispatch. Judge Donald Eaton reviewed the video and found it, “clearly indicated that a State actor intentionally manipulated the security camera in a way that unequivocally evidenced an effort to view defense counsel’s notes, which are protected work product”. Because of this, Judge Eaton dismissed this serious assault case because of violations of the suspect’s right to a fair trial.

When questioned about the incident, Krebs claimed that he had somehow “inadvertently” operated the camera’s multiple zoom, tilt and pan capabilities that day, zooming in on the defense attorney’s notes, while claiming he didn’t even know the camera zoomed. In response to this, Judge Eaton said there was an “absence of any credible explanation…why it was moved”. Judge Eaton wanted the video to be released because the public needed to see “the clearly deliberate movements of the camera”, to understand his dismissal of a serious criminal case. 

Do you want to re-elect a Sheriff who casually abuses his position of power to engage in unethical, potentially criminal, behavior that discredits himself and his office? Is the explanation of an entitled 10-year-old would give of, “Gee, I didn’t know it was wrong” acceptable from our highest law enforcement official?

Eric Peter is the clear choice for Sheriff in this election.

Leslie Brennan