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Dan Aman: Endorses re-election of Sheriff Krebs

  • Written by Dan Aman

I whole heartedly endorse the re-election of Ron Krebs for Sheriff of San Juan County and urge everyone to vote for him in the upcoming election.

I have known Ron since 2007. At that time, I was the security manager for Roche Harbor. I was in that position for 18 years until March of this year when I retired. I met Ron when he was first hired as a deputy and made the resort a regular stop on his patrol routine. Within those times I got to know Ron very well, as he assisted me as a deputy with many different law enforcement needs that arose at the resort. This included the successful stake out and apprehension of the Sculpture Park thief in 2014.

Ron is very approachable and very easy to talk to. I can call or text him anytime if I have any questions or concerns about issues happening in the community and he has made himself available 24/7. He has responded to many late-night marine rescue missions in every season and weather. This is very important to me and I feel safer knowing he is always capable and clear headed, and able to make decisions and respond at a moment’s’ notice. To me, this is dedication and love of the job.

I have been on a few ride along’s with Ron when he was a deputy. Whenever he pulled anyone over, he was never rude and always treated people with the upmost respect and gave mostly warnings instead of tickets. He still has this respectful interaction even after he became Sheriff, always treating others with dignity and respect. He never shows anger or uses inappropriate language and is always, always, willing to listen.

My wife, who recently became an American citizen, is from the Philippines. Ron, along with many other people, helped me with letters to immigration on my behalf, to get her accepted to enter the USA. This was only possible with the support of so many people, including Ron.

He is, in my opinion, very community oriented and very caring about the people who live here in this AWESOME place called home. It is my opinion that he is and will be for many years to come the best person for the job of Sheriff of San Juan County.

Dan Aman