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Clayton Banry: Thank you to the Community

  • Written by Clayton Banry

To live in a community that makes miracles happen” is how I would describe living on San Juan Island.

Throughout my life, I have continued to try to make a difference. I have come up with ideas and ways to help our community, and the response has always been exceptional. As a person with mobility issues, I have always had to rely on friends to get around. Those friends have been great about fitting my wheelchair in tight spaces to get me to different places. The idea that our community needed a wheelchair-compatible transport van is something I experienced firsthand.

With the help of this fantastic community, we have had a few bake sales and collected donations. We hosted a dinner and auction to help raise the money needed. Each donation was money, baked goods, hard work, or spreading the word to others. We finally made it happen!

To say “thank you” does not quite express the gratitude I feel. Thank you for seeing the need and trusting me (and Becky) with your donations. Thank you, everyone, for making this miracle happen!!

Our community is the very best!

A side note, Some auction items are left; scenic flight for three from Westwind. And four bottles a month for a year of water Bidding starts at $350. You can contact Kris from printonyx.

Clayton Banry