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The volunteers of VoteYesForOurSJLibrary: Facts are on the Library's website

  • Written by The volunteers of VoteYesForOurSJLibrary

On your ballot right now is the years-long campaign to build a new Library. The issue is shrouded in rumors and misinformation.

Many wonder why the Library itself has not done more to respond and answer people’s questions? The answer is simple: public agencies are highly constrained in their ability to campaign, and the Library is acting within the law. The Library has documents and facts on its website but must leave it to outside volunteers to campaign and advocate.

A dedicated group of volunteers has been trying to get the facts in front of voters with an extensive FAQ page and letters to the editor, as well as personal letters to friends and neighbors. Our site clarifies and guides you through the documents you see on the Library’s website. Visit https://voteyesforoursjlibrary.com/faq.

We understand that the new Library represents expensive public construction. Our group believes that the right time for our community to improve civic infrastructure is now. By building it now, we’ll do it at a time where interest rates for public entities are at very reasonable levels – between 4 and 5 percent (a far cry from some of the misinformation floating around!).

We believe that we are doing the right thing for the community, for this generation and the next, in voting YES for the Library. And we ask you, our friends and neighbors, to do so as well.

- The volunteers of VoteYesForOurSJLibrary