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Severin: Supports Henderson for San Juan Island Fire Commission

  • Written by Jane Severin

My name is Jane Severin—some of you may know me by my former name Hutchison. I have lived in Friday Harbor for more than 35 years, was a volunteer fire fighter for 5 years in early 2000, and met Jerry and his family during that time.

A good fire commissioner has strong communication and negotiating skills, which helps them draft policies and argue for changes and improvements on behalf of the fire service and the community it serves.

Jerry Henderson has these skills, is honest and is of high moral integrity. He will continue to use his skills as fire commissioner for the betterment of our San Juan community.

Jerry has been active in supporting our community throughout the years (fire fighter including a leadership role, smoke house at the fair grounds, pancake feeds, and other volunteer roles in the community).

I very much appreciate his love of our community, for all members of our community and his desire to do well for our community in the best way he can ---by continuing as the fire commissioner for San Juan.

Please join me in supporting Jerry Henderson, Fire Commissioner 3.

Jane Severin