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Gaylord: Thanks voters for electing him, Brian Ehrmantraut, Kate Hansen and Jim Biddick to Orcas Fire Commission

  • Written by Randall Gaylord

Dear Editor,

I want to thank the voters of Orcas Island for electing me, Brian Ehrmantraut,  Kate Hansen and Jim Biddick as the leaders of Orcas Fire and Rescue.. 

 I pledge to bring good governance to the fire district, and I see many ways to make the district more accessible to the public, more transparent in its work, and more accountable for its spending and actions. 

The fire district has dedicated, talented, and knowledgeable volunteers and career staff all of whom should know that I recognize the value you bring to secure the safety of the people of Orcas.  I am humbled to have this opportunity to join you in serving the community. 

Near the top of my agenda will be for the Fire Commissioners to bring the voters in April 2024 another option for providing a stable source of revenue.  .  Two resounding rejections of the $1.06 levy lid lift tells me you wanted to explore alternatives months ago.

I look forward to hearing more from you and the district staff so that a new stable revenue proposal can be finalized in the next 90 days.  Time is short and we need your thoughts and ideas.  So please plan to  follow our meetings and let us know what you think.

Randall Gaylord