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Jim and Minnie Knych: O'Day has knowledge of the issues facing the county

  • Written by Jim and Minnie Knych

We support Stephanie Oday for County Council. This decision comes after attending the candidate forum on June 29, and watching the interviews with Stephanie and other candidates at CNL2.

Stephanie O'Day has demonstrated knowledge of the issues facing our county. She also shows an understanding of the issues facing the county council including the aging workforce, the morale of county employees and the out-of-control budget.

As an attorney she understands the complexities of the legal system. She has also proven that she is able to listen to all sides and negotiate a fair outcome. As a 33-year citizen of San Juan County, she has been a frequent volunteer, giving time and money to community service events; often in leadership positions.

Most of all, she is a problem solver who has made a commitment to represent the citizens of all the islands and to hold regular meetings outside of council meetings to answer questions and keep “we, the people” informed.

Jim and Minnie Knych