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Karen Vedder: Library levy lid request is for operations and maintenance

  • Written by Karen Vedder

The library levy adjustment that’s at stake during this August’s primary election has nothing to do with building a new library on the property on Spring Street.  The Library has separate funding and accounts for “operations and maintenance” (paid for by taxpayers) and “capital facilities” (paid for by new building specific donations and insurances proceeds; not taxpayer money).  All the expenses to build a new library would be paid for from the capital facilities budget, not the operating budget.

No decision about the future of the Spring Street property has been made. The library trustees are focusing now on maintenance and operation. It's the job of the trustees to ensure the library has what it needs to operate, including solving the challenges faced by the current facility with limited parking, an aging infrastructure and capacity. Any decision about the Spring Street property will take place after full public input and dialog.

Please vote yes now to ensure the library keeps up with inflation so that it can offer the library services our community expects.

Karen Vedder