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Francine Shaw: Stand By Stephanie O’Day

  • Written by Francine Shaw

I worked beside Stephanie O’Day for 15 years as a Land Use Consultant in her law office in Friday Harbor. I saw first hand, every day, her dedication to negotiating settlements to on-going lawsuits. Her motto was “settle” not  “sue.” Settlements are best for both parties because it establishes common ground that is used to come to an agreement that works for everybody involved. She will take this work ethic with her when she is elected.

Stephane knows her way around County government. As a Land Use Attorney, Stephanie worked with all of the departments in San Juan County, including the Prosecutor’s, Auditor’s,  Treasure’s and Assessor’s offices as well as the Public Works, Health and Community Services and Community Development Departments. She will hit the floor running the first day in office. 

Stephanie is what we need to lead our island community into future environmental and fiscal sustainability. She has the skill, knowledge and drive to make that happen. 

Please join me in voting for Stephanie O’Day for the District 1 County Council position.

Francine Shaw, Land Use Consultant,

Planning and Permitting Services, LLC