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Friday Harbor High School 2014 homecoming parade

Friday Harbor High School students know how to throw a parade. As is the tradition, each grade created a float, and the homecoming parade wound through town. The senior class won for best float. Then it was on to the pep rally before the football game.  SLIDESHOW

Click on any image to open slideshow. Mouse over on right or left side for arrow and progress through the slides at your own pace.

Homecoming-3574.jpg Homecoming-3604.jpg Homecoming-3608.jpg

Homecoming-3621.jpg Homecoming-3633.jpg Homecoming-3638.jpg

Homecoming-3642.jpg Homecoming-3658.jpg Homecoming-3663.jpg

Homecoming-3669.jpg Homecoming-3672.jpg Homecoming-3675.jpg

Homecoming-3681.jpg Homecoming-3683.jpg Homecoming-3694.jpg

Homecoming-3698.jpg Homecoming-3701.jpg Homecoming-3703.jpg

Homecoming-3720.jpg Homecoming-3721.jpg Homecoming-3726.jpg

Homecoming-3744.jpg Homecoming-3751.jpg Homecoming-3752.jpg

Homecoming-3755.jpg Homecoming-3761.jpg Homecoming-3764.jpg

Homecoming-3776.jpg Homecoming-3783.jpg Homecoming-3799.jpg

Homecoming-3808.jpg Homecoming-3832.jpg Homecoming-3835.jpg

Homecoming-3841.jpg Homecoming-3844.jpg Homecoming-3867.jpg

Homecoming-3869.jpg Homecoming-3870.jpg Homecoming-3880.jpg

Homecoming-3889.jpg Homecoming-3891.jpg Homecoming-3905.jpg

Homecoming-3909.jpg Homecoming-3913.jpg Homecoming-3918.jpg

Homecoming-3920.jpg Homecoming-royalty-3876.jpg Homecoming-royalty-3879.jpg


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