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L41 missing

L41 a member of L Pod, one of the three orca whale pods that comprise the federally endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population, is missing according to the Center For Whale Research in Friday Harbor.

One of the Southern Residents enjoying a summer day. NOAA photo 

L Pod was observed in Haro Strait January 24, 2020. The Center For Whale Research's blog describes the encounter. The text ends with:

"Unfortunately, L41 was not present for the entire encounter. Given his age and that he looked a little thin in our January 2019 encounter, we fear he may be gone and will consider him missing unless he shows up unexpectedly in an upcoming encounter. CWR’s last record of L41 was from August 11, 2019 when Mark Malleson photographed him with the rest of the L12s and other Southern Residents in the western Strait of Juan de Fuca."

The entire blog post can be accessed here.




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