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Tahlequah's calf is a male

PRESS RELEASE: The Center for Whale Research  can confirm that J35's newborn calf is male. The feisty young killer whale was seen September 22, near Point Roberts, Washington. He was photographed rolling, spyhopping, and swimming alongside his mother, who was actively foraging for food.

Photographs of J57 courtesy of Sara Hysong-Shimazu/Maya's Legacy and the Pacific Whale Watch Association. 

J57 was estimated to have been born on September 4 and is the second viable calf of mother, J35, Tahlequah. J57's brother, J47, was born in 2010. J35 also gave birth to a calf in 2018, which died; she carried her deceased calf for 17 days before letting it go.​

​For the Southern Resident killer whale community's population sustainability, it is preferred that new calves are female. But regardless of gender, J57 is a very welcome addition. He is robust and appears healthy.


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