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Slideshow: Horse games at 2018 San Juan County Fair

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Oct. 14: "Free Wheelin Rides" fundraising dinner in Friday Harbor to purchase wheelchair-access van

Friday, October 14th, Clayton Banry, Becky Rhodes and San Juan Masonic Lodge #175 will be sponsoring a fundraising dinner to be held at the Masonic Lodge in Friday Harbor starting at 6 p.m.

This fundraiser is to acquire a wheelchair-access van to fulfill the dreams of Becky Rhodes, Clayton Banry, Mike Otis and the San Juan Masonic Lodge.. With the purchase of this van, Becky Rhodes would be the driver and would give free rides to all wheelchair-bound residents and visitors on San Juan Island. Read Clayton Barnry's guest column about Free Wheelin Rides.

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Six bodies recovered by Navy and NTSB

Ten people plus an unborn baby perished in the floatplane crash on September 4 into Mutiny Bay by Whidbey Island. One body was recovered by boaters right after the plane nosedived at a speed of 100 mph.

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State finalizes historic cap-and-invest plan to slash carbon pollution

The Washington State Department of Ecology has finalized regulations for the state’s first cap-and-invest program, which will drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change. The program is a result of the Climate Commitment Act passed by legislators and signed by the governor last year. Under the cap-and-invest program, firms responsible for 75% of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions must obtain allowances to cover their emissions. Over time, these allowances will be reduced, incentivizing businesses to cut emissions.

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Winning weekend for Friday Harbor Tigers

All three Friday Harbor Tiger teams won their games this past weekend Saturday, October 1, 2022. The wins were especially needed after the losses in Oak Harbor. The photos (all by Jenni Staudt)  are of the Freshman. They won 52-15. 

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