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Slideshow: Snow on San Juan Island December 2022

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SLIDESHOW ADDED: Snow depths and links to road conditions and plowing priorities

According to Weatherstreet.com snowfall on San Juan Island ranged from 9.5 to 12 inches on December 20, 2022. Lopez Island received 7.5 to 12 inches.  The website had only one figure, 11 inches,  for Orcas Island. Most likely the snow on the Horseshoe Island is deeper than that. 

Spring Street near Memorial Park Wednesday afternoon Matt Pranger Photo

Spring Street in Friday Harbor at 9:15 am Tuesday, December 20. Candace Ragsdale photo

SLIDESHOW: Photos by Bill Waxman (One bird of a flock on my Crab Apple tree), Brad Pillow (Fox taking a stroll on a snowy path), Cindy Morgan (Two grandkids playing in snow), rest of photos by Matt Pranger

For those looking for the latest information on road conditions, there are numerous resports from fellow islanders on: 

Friday Harbor Road Reports Facebook page.

Orcas Island Inclement Weather and Road Reports on on Facebook 

Snow removal Priorities

San Juan Island

Orcas Island

Lopez Island

Shaw Island

Snow Removal Narrative - all the details about how the county deals with inclement weather and snow removal. 

Please remember, winter weather storms have the potential to delay and disrupt travel plans. If you must travel during snow events please be prepared and use appropriate caution. Adverse road conditions can be unexpected and weather conditions can deteriorate rapidly.

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