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Fishing Update by Kevin Klein

  • Written by Kevin Klein

The Bellingham Puget Sound Angler's annual salmon derby took place this last weekend. Fishing for hatchery Chinook was anywhere from red hot to ice cold depending on where you were.

Alex Davis showed up on top of the Kid's division again with this 15.42 lber. Nice job young man!

Kings aren't all over the Islands right now, but if you land on them, it can be very good fishing. Hootchies, spoons and bait have all been working.

Doug Marr took the $7500 first place prize with a 26.10 lb clipped fish. Alex Davis landed the biggest kid's division Chinook at 15.42 lbs. The Bellingham Salmon Derby has always been a fun, family friendly event, with proceeds going to a lot of great causes.

Crabbing kicked off on July 15, 2017. It's been pretty good from most reports. Look for days with soft tides, or drop for a couple hours during a tide change. Dropping pots on a low and letting them soak into the flood can be productive.

Our weather has been pretty darn good, and adding some Dungeness into the mix truly makes it feel like Summer is here!

Doug Marr took top prize in the Bellingham Salmon Derby with this 26.10 lb hatchery Chinook. Well done! 

Oliver Marica and family got a crab feed going on the open July 15. It's Dungie time!

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