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Vikings beat Wolverines by three strokes

The Shunk Twins, Maia and Zoe on Orcas Island High School golf team, capitalized on home course advantage to hand arch rival Friday Harbor their first defeat of the season, 187 to 190. The Vikings top four players scored 187. The Wolverines top four hit 190.  Medalist for the match went to Maia Lewis-Shunk with a 41. Low for Friday Harbor went to Teagan August with a 44. Coach Jack Rice thanks Orcas for allowing the Wolverines to bring 21 golfers. 

Friday Harbor Team Score (44, 48, 49, 49: 190); Orcas Team Score (41, 46, 49, 51: 187)

 Friday Harbor Golf Team 2019

Front row: l to r: Mateo Blackmon, Torsten Raichlen, Jack Mason

Second row: Tyler Fleming, Ethan Havel, Joe Kaden, Ian Volk, Dexter Prescott, Charlie Zehner, Jonah Strasbourger

Back row: Chase Wilson, Teagan August, Weston Swirtz, Spencer Rishel, Isaac Brumsickle, Ben Dillery, Aidan Shannon, Sander VanHamerfeld,

Nick Copley, Blaze Bogguist, missing in the bathroom with sea sickness, Peter Kulseth. 


Hole Name School

#4-A Peter Kulseth FH 49

Ethan Havel FH 55

Orcas 1 Zoe Lewis-Shunk OR 46

Orcas 2 Maia Lewis-Shunk OR 41

#3-A Ian Volk FH 59

Weston Swirtz FH 48

Orcas 3 Ewan Lister OR 49

Orcas 4 Tayla Malo OR 51

#3-B Jack Mason FH 49

Joe Kaden FH 52

Orcas 5 Joe Brewer OR 54

Orcas 6 Kaia Ross OR 74

# 1-A Isaac Brumsickle FH 56

Aidan Shannon FH 55

Chase Wilson FH 57

Ben Dillery FH 49

# 2-A Teagan August FH 44

Jonah Strasbourger FH 64

Tyler Fleming FH 57

Orcas 7 Max Clark Mattila OR 64

# 9-A Blaze Bogguist FH 65

Sander VanHamersfeld FH 61

Trosten Raichlen FH 58

Dexter Prescott FH 72

# 9-B Spencer Rishel FH 60

Mateo Blackmon FH 60

Charlie Zehner FH 58

Nick Copley FH 55

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