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Concrete beat Friday Harbor 27-20

Friday Harbor High School football team traveled to Concrete Friday, September 28 for their first league game. The Lions beat the Wolverines 27-20. The Wolverines travel to Highline High School Friday, October 5 to face the Pirates. 

Wolverine # 32 Kaden Ritchie scrambles thru an opening.

The Wolverines record is 3-2 overall and 0-1 in league play. 


Wolverines #26 Brian Wolfe and #33 Teagan August stop a Lion run in the backfield. Photos by John Stimpson

Pass intended for Wolverine Emeron Geiser is intercepted by Lion’s  #24 Deven Blankenship.

(Left) Wolverine # 14 Jordan Lawson receives a long pass for much needed yardage. (Right) A Wolverine pass was slightly out of reach for intended receiver #33  Teagen August.

In the second half of play The Wolverines got fired up and started to put points on the scoreboard. Here #32, #41 lead the charge for #22 Kyson Jackson carrying the ball.

Wolverines fought hard but could not stop the Concrete Lions from getting the win. Lions 27 and Wolverines 20. Here Gavin Mason # 53 tackles a Lions running back.

Wolverine #41 Emeron Geiser battles for needed yardage while #42 Matro Blackmon and  #33 Teagen August clear the way.

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