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1st match of the season Friday Harbor vs Lopez played at San Juan Golf Club

  • Written by Coach Jack Rice

Friday Harbor High School Golf Coach Jack Rice sent in this report about the first match of the season March 24, 2022.

I’m not a big poker player but I like the hand I’m holding; it’s a pair of Jacks: senior Jack Mason and 8th grader Jack Hess. As a Senior on the golf team, Jack Mason will lead the Wolverine Golf Team this year as displayed by his fine play of 37 in our first match. Jack Hess, as an 8th grader, has come out of the box strong. He knows how to control the ball and is developing a strong short game. A big Thank You to Connie Gregor, local Professional, for getting him off to such an early start.

Friday Harbor Senior Jack Mason

Because Friday Harbor is in the 1A/2B League, students from the 8th grade are eligible to participate in certain sports. We also have another 8 grader, Finn Graham. Our two 8th graders finished tied for 2nd and 5th place on our team. We have 11 sophomore guys out for the team this year. They are led by Alden Carli and Ryan Rautenberg. The competition between the sophmores is great and they are learning from each other. We will have strong competition to see who makes the 6-man team representing Friday Harbor at the District Tournament.

On the Ladies Team, we have a record turnout with 8 players. They are led by two returning seniors, Yumi Thomas and Izzy Graham. Two new players, freshman Morgan Douglas and senior Anna Albert, will complete the core unit for the ladies.

A special thank you to the San Juan Golf Club members and staff for hosting our home matches. The greens crew went all out for this event. Considering all the rain we have had over the last few weeks the course looked great. I watched one of the Lopez kids take his first putt and the greens were so fast he knocked the ball completely off the green. We appreciate our maintenance crew for how they keep our little course looking and playing, it’s something special.

Friday Harbor Golf Team Results: 3/24/2022

First match of the season Friday Harbor vs Lopez at San Juan Golf Club

Friday Harbor Men’s Team:

Jack Mason 37

Jack Hess 49

Alden Carli 49

Ryan Rautenberg 51

Team Total: 186

Other FH Players:

Finn Graham 54

Torsten Raichlen 57

Dylan Mughal 58

Elliott DeShon 59

Bryce Ridwan 61

Lopez Low Four:

Ananda Velo 41

Deston Dupuis 58

Levi McClerren 59

Henry Robles 67

Team Total: 225

Friday Harbor Women’s Team:

Yumi Thomas 65

Izzy Graham 68

Morgan Douglas 71

None of the other Lady players from either team posted a 9-hole score.



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