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Friday Harbor golf team plays impromptu scramble

  • Written by  Coach Jack Rice

The tragic fire in down town Friday Harbor had far reaching consequences. As the Orcas golfers were about to depart the ferry as it docked in Friday Harbor, the Captain announced that all afternoon ferries had been cancelled and if the team got off the ferry, they would have to spend the night on San Juan Island. As you might guess, the match was cancelled.

Wolverine Golf Team Photo by Michael Bell

The Friday Harbor Team regrouped and decided to play an intersquad match with scramble format, everyone hits from the best shot of the group.

One Orcas player, Burly Hildreth who attends Spring Street elected to join in the fun. Burly piloted his team to a 5 under 31 for the winning score. Burly is a fine player and plans to play college golf next year for some lucky university.

Team 1: 31

Torsten Raichlen

Burly Hildreth

Yumi Thomas

Izzy Graham

Team 2: 36

Jack Mason

Oscar Coffey

Bowen Van Hamerfeld

Morgan Douglass

Anna Albert

Team 3: 37

Coach Jack Rice

Alden Carli

Ayana Benbe

Brenna Crouse Smith

Elsa Kindelberger

Team 4: 37

Coach Gordy Waite

Ryan Rautenberg

Dylan Mughal

Bryce Ridwan

- Friday Harbor Golf Team Results by Coach Jack Rice. 

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